Haifa is your preferred place to develop your startup

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Leading a startup is a demanding way of life. With so many elements to track and continually pushing to fulfill your dreams, finding a location that works with your business culture is almost as important as the idea itself.

When you choose the right location to begin your startup journey, and it can make the development process much easier. You’ll have the support of powerful international brands, a flourishing economic infrastructure, and a diverse community of collaborative entrepreneurs.

Haifa is the perfect location to get your startup on the road to innovation and success.

Recognized by Internationally Renowned Brands

You don’t want to build or move your startup to a city that has no proven success. If no one else can make it there, what are the chances of success?

Luckily, countless major international brands and startups call Haifa home for their R&D centers, including Google, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and Amazon, to name a few. In total, there are over 300 major corporations and startups in Haifa:

  • 80 International companies
  • 241 Startups
  • 9 Medical and research institutions

With all the benefits Haifa has to offer, the city has the largest concentration of R&D centers for international brands in all of Israel, surpassing even Tel Aviv.

When you arrive in Haifa, you’ll be in good company. These major brands could go anywhere in the world. They chose Haifa for a reason. It’s the best place to breed innovation and success.

Highly Collaborative, Small-Town Feel

Places like Tel Aviv and San Francisco might be known as startup capitals of the world, but the market in those cities is quickly becoming overrun by larger corporations. In those cities, your startup will be one of thousands.

If you’re in Haifa, you get the same strong infrastructure and startup-minded attitude as in those major cities but with a more collaborative, small-town feel. In Haifa, you’re unique. You can easily work with other startups, businesses, and experts to create your own brand without intense competition from other like-minded startups.

The added collaboration will help boost innovation, while the lack of competition will give you some breathing room to build your brand your way without worrying about another startup swooping in and taking you down.

Access to Top Talent

A startup is only as good as the talent working on it. When choosing a location to begin your startup, make sure it has enough talent to support your lofty goals.

Again, Haifa pulls through. Haifa is home to two of the top universities in Israel:

  • Technion – a public research university and the oldest university in Israel.
  • The University of Haifa – a major Israeli university with a diverse, international student body.

In total, Haifa is home to over 185,000 academic graduates. With a city-wide population of only 267,300 people, there’s plenty of world-class talent in Haifa ready to work on the next big project. All that’s needed is an idea: your idea.

Get on the Road2 Success

If you’re ready to build your startup in a city that fosters innovation and success, contact us at Road2 to get started. We’re building a massive community of founders and investors to create solutions for a changing world. We’d love for you to join. Get your startup off the ground by moving to the most startup-friendly city in Israel: Haifa. 

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