The only one-tap fueling app

Startup Hub - TankU

TankU presents cutting-edge outdoor retail solutions for optimizing operations, user experience, customer acquisition, and loyalty. TankU offers 3 services:

  • TUFuel- Vision-based mobile payment that replaces existing authorization processes with fast, secure, and cost-effective technology.
  • TUFleet -The only mobile payment solution that meets the high-security level required by fleets, provides advanced reporting, and eliminates fuel fraud.
  • TU Analyze – Cutting-edge data mining and AI technology that create tailor-made reports to maximize resources and increase profitability.

Using cutting-edge vision-based technology, TankU software recognizes both the driver and the vehicle allowing for one-tap payment, staff reduction, the centralization of expense tracking data in one location (great for fleets), and the elimination of payment terminals.

By providing access to our NVIDIA DGX A100 supercomputer and our skilled engineers, Road2 led TankU to the development of the technology needed for its innovative software. Road2 also exposed TankU to its network of investors, setting them up for success.

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