The Haifa Center
for Innovation and

Bringing it all together
for success

Located in a single space, we match cherry-picked startups with core verticals, mature and optimize them using AI tools, facilitate beta-sites, encourage pilots, and connect them with potential customers.

Startups get the support they need, businesses get the solutions they need, and investors see fast ROI.


the Haifa Center for Innovation and Startups

We are

a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors, building startups into inspiring businesses through networking, funding, and technology. A unique partnership between multinational corporates and public funding.

We rely

on the unique diversity of Haifa, which includes successful international brands, a strong infrastructure and a startup-minded attitude, with access to top talent from leading local institutions.

We believe

in collaboration. We seek forward-thinking investors that can assist us to review companies, participate in forums, and consider co-funding the world’s most promising technologies, together.


Access to our de-risked early-stage startup portfolio created using IIA support and funding.

A unique eco-system of commercial partners and collaborators with a vested interest in our success (The Technion, Haifa University, Bazan, Israel Electric Company, Nvidia, Johnson Matthey, Elbit, EDF, and others).

Partnership with Rambam Health Center to jointly finance and support digital life sciences innovation — providing grassroots access to innovation, data, medical professionals, and clinical benefits.

AI Lab powered by NVIDIA and accompanied by its top engineers to drive the highest business impact via future-forward go-to-market strategies and global marketing teams.

Strategic Partners

  • Business mentoring and strategic interactions with senior management.

  • Access to real business opportunities — selected partners may become value-added resellers.

  • Business opportunities. If relevant, our partners may become preferred customers value-added resellers.

Smart Investments

  • A consortium of partners spanning diverse target industries: Sustainable Energy, Digital Health, Smart Mobility, Industry 4.0, Gaming.

  • Partnerships with leading international companies and startups, academic and medical institutions, research facilities, and municipalities.

  • De-risked, matured startup portfolios.


  • Nvidia, and Nvidia-approved contractors.

  • Top industry experts.

  • In-house mentors.

NextGen Tools

  • High-powered Super-computing lab empowering data-driven innovation for genuine added value to our strategic partners.

  • Access to in-house AI experts in collaboration with Nvidia’s insider knowledge on projects, go-to-market, and business development support.

  • Data access from industrial companies, hospitals, and academia in multiple fields.

Financial Support

  • Acceleration programs as an active due-diligence tool.

  • Potential funding through Road2 and our network of investors.

  • Supported by Israel’s Innovation Authority. The only PPP (private-public-partnership) of its kind in Israel.

More than just a numbers game

Although our numbers speak for themselves, it’s our passion for tech, love of the industry, and keen eye for the next big thing that drives it all home.

Primary verticals

Raising more than

Million dollars

Success stories

Real solutions for real business challenges

Enhanced visual inspection data for infrastructure longevity

An AI-infused cloud-based platform equipped with proprietary machine-learning and computer-vision algorithms. Rapida uses cutting-edge technology to measure, predict, and ensure the structural health of aging or newly-built infrastructure and utility assets.

Pools, reservoirs, dams, bridges, tunnels, terminals, and cooling towers all benefit from Rapida’s enhanced automation of workflows and intelligent integration of visual inspection data.

Road2 connected Rapida to their first clients which now include Mekorot, Israel Electric and Shafir in addition to other infrastructure companies.

solor logo

The spray paint revolution

Painting the future with renewable energy

A revolutionary concept for practical, cost-effective renewable energy, SolOr’s nano-paint technology turns common surfaces into independent solar energy harvesting systems. After being sprayed with SolOr’s nano-paint, everyday surface areas such as buildings, cars, parking lots, and even food carts can harness a similar amount of solar energy as costly, bulky, solar panels.

With Road2’s help, from concept to development, SolOr received access to a beta site, resources, funding, strategic help, and guidance from the advisory board members of a leading Israeli paint and construction product company.

Tanku logo

The only one-tap fueling app

TankU presents cutting-edge outdoor retail solutions for optimizing operations, user experience, customer acquisition, and loyalty. TankU offers 3 services:

  • TUFuel- Vision-based mobile payment that replaces existing authorization processes with fast, secure, and cost-effective technology.
  • TUFleet -The only mobile payment solution that meets the high-security level required by fleets, provides advanced reporting, and eliminates fuel fraud.
  • TU Analyze – Cutting-edge data mining and AI technology that create tailor-made reports to maximize resources and increase profitability.

Using vision-based technology, TankU software recognizes both the driver and the vehicle allowing for one-tap payment, staff reduction, the centralization of expense tracking data in one location (great for fleets), and the elimination of payment terminals.

By providing access to our NVIDIA DGX A100 supercomputer and our skilled engineers, Road2 led TankU to the development of the technology needed for its innovative software. Road2 also exposed TankU to its network of investors, setting them up for success.


Large volume vehicle tracking without human intervention.

SpinFrame Technologies provides a centralized system for tracking a vehicle’s status at every point along the supply chain, without the need for any human intervention. From maritime ports to large transportation & logistic hubs, parking lots, dealerships, rental branches, and service centers with SpinFrame’s technology, it is now possible to monitor large volumes of vehicles in an automated manner.

This innovative approach has revolutionized the vehicle inspection process, ensuring that vehicles are thoroughly documented, reducing the risk of human error, and increasing efficiency.

With the help of Road2, SpinFrame Technologies partnered with Point.AI’s annotation services to develop their technology for identifying and documenting visual damage on vehicles. This collaboration allowed SpinFrame to bring their platform to market and make a strong business impact on a vertical with a clear need for their technology.

software that directly hands medical data for more efficiently tritment

Droxi, an AI-powered solution, addresses the challenges faced by primary care physicians laden with non-patient-facing tasks. Spending up to 3 hours daily on these tasks, physicians often suffer from burnout. Droxi’s Al tool reduces this workload by a third while enhancing care quality. By identifying and presenting relevant clinical information, Droxi streamlines task completion. Advantages include reduced physician burnout, seamless integration into existing workflows, and improved efficiency. Droxi’s unique Al mechanism utilizes supervised learning from Electronic Medical Records, empowered by the knowledge of medical professionals.

Road 2 improved Droxi’s processes via its AI Supercomputer Lab and engineers, provided business development services in the US, and introduced Droxi to paying customer pilots both in Israel and abroad.

Become a Road2 partner and make a lasting impact.

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