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We are revolutionizing the ideas of accessibility, affordability and scalability for you to drive the highest business impact. Advance your AI model to its fullest potential.

Is an affiliate of Road2 Ventures. It is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that created
a unique partnership between multinational corporate companies and public funding.

Sponsored by the Israel Innovation Authority, Road2 labs locates, matures and sponsors early-stage investments, the best of which become investment opportunities for the fund.


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Take your models to a whole new level


with access to our AI Lab

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Solve today’s real-life challenges

Access the first of its kind Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence in Israel. Our unique innovation center developed by Road2 and NVIDIA will empower startups to accelerate breakthroughs and evolve professionally.

Road2’s collaboration with NVIDIA enabled us to provide unique tools to help our startups grow:
•   NVIDIA DGX A100 server on-premise (best in class GPU compute)
• An embedded library of Jetsons.
•   Annotation teams based in Israel.
•   Experienced firms to work on AI projects with you.


What you’ll get

We designed a high-powered computing lab to empower real, data-driven innovation.


We are with you every step of the way to make sure you get the support needed to yield the best results. Along with our in house training, you’ll be able to continue your AI learning with NVIDIA’s Academy courses. We provide professional engineers to augment your team. You’ll also be able to consult with the industries’ top mentors.


Need more support? We want to make sure you’re set up for success. Get more time in the lab, more time with our engineering teams and specialists and more time to take your idea to the next level. Apart from our own investments, our network of investors and funds will get you there.


More than just a lab! You’ll be situated at the center of the Road2 Hub. With the support of our engineering teams, NVIDIA staff and our partners, you benefit from all the Hub resources. From access to data to beta sites and commercial proof all the way to market validation.


Create a tailor-made program that meets your needs for the stage you’re at.

Design and Architecture

Understand all the basic tools of AI development from the tools to the technology so you can create a scalable architecture for your solution.


The top lecturers and researchers will present their findings and share their knowledge with you onsite. You will also gain access to online courses to augment your AI expertise.


Use NVIDIA’s channels and connection to reach potential clients. GTC marketing through the conference.


Get the Data you need or reach your first customers through our partnerships with RAMBAM, IEC, Bazan, Tambour, Strauss, Johnson Matthey, NVIDIA and other leading international corporations.

DGX Get Results

Get the results you need FAST with our on-premises supercomputer. Forget about the delays for days or even weeks. Forget about cloud costs.

What else startups can expect from Road2 AI Lab

AI speed

AI Supercomputer on premise super speed of development and iterations

HW playground

HW playground - an abundance of embedded devices and cameras to find the right configuration without the wait or the price of the HW. Our engineers will guide you how to utilize these devices effectively

Connect with clients

In depth access to NVIDIA through its experts/ researchers, business units and connections to their customers.

State of the art office

In depth access to NVIDIA through its experts/ researchers, business units and connections to their customers.

Fast Dev process

AI experts to take the dev process from weeks to hours

Best AI practices

Through our AI University learn about the latest SDKs and libraries, best practices and also let your people enhance their skill set in the domains

Guardian angel for your startup

A guardian angel provided by Road2 that serves as a single point of contact and does all the leg work to deliver on all the assets with minimum hassle for the startup