The first TEDx event of its kind was held at Metaverse. Over 3000 people connected globally from their computer or mobile, met with other participants and viewers, and viewed lectures displayed against a stunning background of the Haifa landscape.Initiators of the Israeli TEDx event are brothers Ilan and Roni Massiano, who received official approval from the global TED company to hold this unique event. They then partnered with Road2, the Center for Innovation and Startups in Haifa, who invested in this amazing project and made it a (virtual) reality.

Controlling Chaos | Dr. Maor Farid

How Can Lego Cure Disease? | Dr. Ben Meir Maoz

How to solve problems that have no solutions? | Roei Ben-Tolila

Why Should I Be An Early Adopter? | Stas Zaslavsky

Living With (His) Depression | Efrat Garber Aran

Dream big - How to make the impossible possible | Denise Bar-Aharon

What can we learn from 6,500 women about gynecological examinations? | Sara Tancman

The GM that wrote world's first Management book for his 9yo daughter | Ophir Guttman

How to create dialogue through Performing Arts | Dr. Angelica Edna Calo Livne