Solor award 2022

Most people think that paint just makes walls look nice – but not the visionary founders of our ground-breaking energy tech #startupSolOr.

They saw much more potential for the liquid that we all think of as there just to provide us with color and decor. Co-founders Gary Zaiatas and Shlomit Zamir had the ingenuity to think of paint as a possible source of vast amounts of #renewableenergy. And so they created SolOr to develop their nano-based painting material for a range of surfaces like cars and buildings, allowing them to independently capture #energy from the sun and transform it into #electricity.

How did they bring this #science-fiction-like idea to fruition?

With their background in Materials Engineering and #Chemistry, they created a revolutionary chemical process that enables the chemical sintering of nanoparticles at a temperature as low as 150°c – and without the use of hazardous gases or an ultra-high vacuum. It has a PV-like efficiency of 15% for harvesting #solarenergy. That’s the same as most #solar panels.

The #automotiveindustry is one sector that can enormously benefit from SolOr’s revolutionary nano-based paint while simultaneously helping to reduce #greenhouse gas emissions. When applied to the surface of #electricvehicles during production, the energy captured can be used to turn a car into a self-powering vehicle. The same can be said for an entire building. The paint can be applied to the outer walls of a building and the #energy extracted from it can be used to keep the facility running without the need for any other energy source.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Road2 Haifa isn’t the only one to have noticed the incredible energy-harnessing potential of SolOr’s new #technology.

SolOr was just awarded the Early Stage Rising Star prize at the Climate Solutions Festival sponsored by JNF CanadaKeren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund, and Start-Up Nation Central. But the revolutionary paint has also caught international attention. In support of COP27, Queen of Energy, a collaboration between Israel & the UK vesting in #women in energy technology and assisting them to secure #funding, has selected Shlomit to be a delegate.

Congratulations, SolOr! Here’s to turning vehicles, buildings, and other surfaces that we use on a daily basis into independently powered systems. The #environment will thank you, and so will generations and generations to come.

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Green energy startup - SolOr
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