Creating an AI-powered robotic system for autonomous floor tile installation


AI-Powered Travel Freedom

Innovative AI-based platform is revolutionizing travel by authenticating travelers and enabling them to explore any destination freely, regardless of their prior knowledge.


Mirrori is developing a groundbreaking technology that makes personal beauty assistance accessible to everyone easily and using a single image only.


Calodar provides accurate estimations of food weight, calories & nutritional values by utilizing state-of-the-art AI on raw data from mobile phone sensors.


Seatback is creating a solution to help people detect early and cope with MSK

Belle AI

BelleAI solves the problem of online clothing fit but creating the first ever standard user profile for e-commerce websites


Droxi is an AI-based Smart Inbox that streamlines non-frontal primary care, such as drug refill requests or lab results reviewing.


Enhance the end-user’s experience with product based 360⁰ photo technologies for advertising, marketing, and operations, including visual damage monitoring of vehicles.


Rapida is a Digital Inspection Platform using cutting-edge technology for measuring, predicting, and ensuring the structural health of infrastructure and utility assets


Amazon Go for gas stations